It has been over a month since the Skal Crusher melee weapon first appeared in Call of Duty: Vanguard. The throwable axe was visible in the armory section but you couldn’t unlock and equip it in Multiplayer matches. With the Season 3 update, an unlock challenge for the weapon has been added.

Weapon description: “A tool usually used to chop apart wood; it can also chop apart enemies or be thrown at them.”

How to get the Skal Crusher in Vanguard

Unlock Criteria for Multiplayer: Get five kills with a melee weapon in 15 different matches.

The unlock challenge for Skal Crusher is pretty straightforward and easy to complete. The recommended game modes to attempt the mission are Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All. Equip any melee weapon, such as FS Fighting Knife or Katana, to your loadout and start getting kills with it.

The melee will unlock once you achieve the milestone of getting five melee kills in 15 different completed matches. It’s advisable to use perks like Ninja and Lightweight, which give you silent footsteps and faster movement speed respectively. Additionally, you can instantly unlock the Skal Crusher by purchasing a bundle containing its blueprint from the CoD Store.

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