Genshin Impact doesn’t hold back punches when introducing new mechanics into the game. The Serenitea Pot is proof of this, as it lets players use collected furniture to decorate a huge plot of land and a mansion. Before you can use the Serenitea Pot, though, you will need to do a small quest.

To get your very own Serenitea Pot, you must complete the quest A Teapot to Call Home. This quest can be obtained from Madame Ping in Liyue Harbor after you have completed the quest A New Star Approaches.

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This quest introduces the character Yanfei and shouldn’t take you very long to complete. You simply need to go around Liyue Harbor talking to various NPCs with Yanfei. The main purpose of the quest is to show off her legal knowledge.

Once you are finished running around Liyue Harbor, you will unlock the Serenitea Pot. The Serenitea Pot will be placed in your inventory, and you can access it any time by interacting with it there.

The first time you go into the Serenitea Pot, you will need to go ahead and complete part two of A Teapot to Call Home. By getting yourself set up, you can unlock a waypoint that will allow you to teleport directly into your Serenitea Pot from your map screen.

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