Not only is Pokémon Legends: Arceus full of creatures for you to catch, but there are plenty of sidequests to take on, as well. These won’t all be available from the start of the game, and some, like Request 72, have unlock requirements. Here’s how to get and finish Request 72.

Pesselle’s Easy Errand is given out by Pesselle, who can be found in the Medical Corps room. Before you are able to pick up this request, though, you must first meet the following conditions:

  • Start The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra main story quest.
  • Come Request 34 and speak with her afterward about your findings.

Request 34 is also given by Pesselle, and the Rank recommendation for the request is six.

How to complete Request 72, Pesselle’s Easy Errand

To complete Request 72, you will need to gather 100 Medicinal Leeks. These are relatively easy to find out in the wild, and while the quest is a bit tedious, it is easy to complete. For help finding Medicinal Leaks, see our guide on the plant.

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