There are a ton of dishes you can cook in Tower of Fantasy to heal HP, relieve Satiety, and even empower your character with a buff or two. But before you can enjoy mouth-watering meals, you first need to do a little cooking. You’ll find cooking robots all over Aida, marked by an icon of a cooking pot in the World Map. And before you can make coherent dishes, you first need to find recipes.

Where to find recipes in Tower of Fantasy

There are three main ways you can find recipes in the game. First, interact with Cooking Vendors, such as Margarette from Banges, and they’ll have some recipes in stock. Second, complete quests and get a chance to get recipes in return. And finally, you can unlock most dishes in the game by experimenting with ingredients through the Creation menu.

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Interact with a cooking robot and select the Creation tab. You can input up to five different kinds of ingredients, with a maximum quantity of 15 (spread across any ingredient type). When attempting to create a recipe, the game won’t tell you what you could potentially cook. However, the success rate will be indicated on the screen.

The success rate does not indicate the validity of your ingredient combination. You can increase it by putting more ingredients (quantity, not ingredient type). Once you’re ready, select Cooking and hope for the best. When you successfully unlock a recipe, it will appear in the Gallery on the right left corner of the screen. You can claim five Dark Crystals for every recipe you unlock. Additionally, all unlocked recipes will appear in the Cooking tab, where you can cook the dishes at a 100 percent success rate.

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