Disney Speedstorm features a roster comprised of characters from various Disney and Pixar titles, including Mickey Mouse, Hercules, Sutty, and more. But at the start of the game, you do not have access to every character. This may leave you wondering how to unlock Racers in Disney Speedstorm.

How to get more characters in Disney Speedstorm

With a fantastic roster consisting of characters from your favorite Disney and Pixar movies, you will likely want to unlock more characters in Disney Speedstorm. There are multiple ways to unlock more characters in Disney Speedstorm, which you can see below.

  • Collect Racer Shards
  • Gold Pass
  • Purchase with in-game currency
  • Complete Chapters

Each character is assigned a role that affects their stats and skills. Additionally, each character has a unique ability that can give you the edge in a race. We recommend trying out all the characters before you decide on one—or just use your favorite character.

Unlocking every character will take some time, but having a variety of Racers to choose from is worth it. Certain characters may perform better on certain tracks, so give them all a try.

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