On your travels through Jupiter Hell, you may come across purple doors, which lead into a Vault room. These doors are always locked, and bumping into them repeatedly will not open them. You’ll only get a pleasant “Doors locked” from voice actor Mark Meer or something of that variation.

To unlock these purple doors, you need to explore the level you are on for a JoviSec HelloSystem computer. If you check on your minimap, anything that shows up as a green pixel may be one of these terminals.

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Upon finding one, all you have to do is walk up to it, and a menu of options will appear. In this menu, you’ll see a new option called Unlock Vault. Choose that option, and the purple doors will unlock. No need to have multitools or anything on your person. Just hit that option, and those pesky doors are unlocked.

In the vault, you’ll always find a purple chest that will have some kind of awesome loot inside. It could be a relic or a utility mod. Whatever it is, it’s sure to help you survive!

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