Since the March 2 update, Vampire Survivors has seen the addition of new weapons, upgrades, levels, and other quality of life improvements. One of the significant additions is the latest character Poppea Pecorina. But how do you unlock Poppea Pecorina in Vampire Survivors?

To unlock Poppea Pecorina in Vampire Survivors, you first need to unlock the Dairy Plant level. To do this, you’ll need to reach level 40 on the Inlaid Library level.

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The next step is to start a game in the Dairy Plant. Use the green arrow that appears to navigate to the Milky Way Map. The Milky Way Map permanently unlocks a map you can access in the game’s pause menu. This will show the location of static upgrades and other features.

On the Milky Way Map on the pause menu, you’ll see a question mark. Head towards the question mark to find a coffin. Once you approach the coffin, a group of boss enemies will spawn and attack you. These enemies will expand and contract, dealing massive damage if they collide with you. You’ll need to kill all of these enemies.

Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, approach the coffin, and Poppea Pecorina will jump out and say, “the vampire is in another coffin.” Then you’ll receive a chest unlock screen which announces that she’s become playable.

You’ll still have to purchase her from the Character Selection screen for 2200 gold, but after a few runs you should have more than enough gold for that. Poppea’s starting weapon is the Song of Mana, and she gains +1% duration every level with no cap, and +20 move speed, making her an excellent character. 

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