On Jan. 4, 2022, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s first four raids got their Savage difficulty. Savage raids are the highest difficulty of raid in the game and the most challenging content in the game apart from Ultimate trials. 

To Unlock Pandaemonium (Savage), you must first unlock and complete the normal difficulty of the Pandaemonium raid series. This means completing the Asphodelos: The First Circle, Asphodelos: The Second Circle, Asphodelos: The Third Circle, and Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle duties. 

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From there, complete the rest of the Chronicles of a New Era questline that concludes with the Who Wards the Warders quest. From there, speak to Nemjiji in Labyrinthos. They’ll be located at X:8.4, Y:27.4.

This will unlock the Pandaemonium (Savage) raids. Completing these raids will drop Asphodelos Coffers, which will drop a weapon or gear corresponding to your current job. You can currently receive one per week, resetting on Tuesdays at 12:00 am PST.

You’ll also get one Asphodelos Mythos per Savage clear. Again, this is limited to one per week. Asphodelos Mythos can be exchanged for the following items: 

  • Weapons: Asphodelos Mythos IV x 8
  • Gladiator’s Arm: Asphodelos Mythos IV x 5
  • Shield: Asphodelos Mythos IV x 3
  • Head: Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
  • Body: Asphodelos Mythos IV x 8
  • Hands: Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
  • Legs: Asphodelos Mythos III x 8
  • Feet: Asphodelos Mythos II x 6
  • Accessories: Asphodelos Mythos I x 4
  • Radiant Roborant: Asphodelos Mythos III x 4
  • Radiant Twine: Asphodelos Mythos III x 4
  • Radiant Coating: Asphodelos Mythos II x 4

There’s no way to get full gear in the first few weeks. Instead, you’ll have to take your time and gradually build up your gear set over the coming months.

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