If you are wondering if Scarlet Nexus has new game plus, the answer is yes. To unlock the new game plus mode, you will need to complete the 12th phase of the game, and then go back to the main menu. 

Once at the main menu, you should see a new option called Ex New Game. This is what the game calls it’s a new game plus, and how it works is that it will let you port a previously completed save game into a new game.

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That said, if you want to start a game with new game plus, you will need to keep a 100 percent completed save game to port over. You can also tell what save game this is, as the game will highlight it green. Also, when you port your save game, your entire inventory will be carried over to the new game – players will as well get the option to carry over brain map skills.

There will also be new content such as quests that reward special materials, and new weapons and plugins to be exchanged in the store. However, if you choose a new character for new game plus, the bond levels will not carry over and you will have to raise them again.

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