The Morph Ball is one of the most iconic abilities in Metroid, and it makes a triumphant return in Metroid Dread. This ability is essential to the Metroid experience and is necessary to get all the collectibles and secrets. That being said, you are probably wondering where to get and how to unlock the Morph Ball in Metroid Dread.

You will need to head to Cataris to get the Morph Ball ability. There, you will encounter the green E.M.M.I., and after defeating it, you will unlock the Morph Ball ability. To defeat it, you will need to locate the Central Unit and absorb the Omega Energy to acquire the Omega Cannon.

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You can find the Central Unit in Cataris in the top-left of the green area in this region. Once you have defeated this mini-boss, exit the room to alert the green E.M.M.I., and it will begin hunting you. Find a good position to destroy its armor and blast it with the Omega Cannon. If it gets too close, retreat and find another position.

With the Morph Ball in your arsenal, Samus can now turn into a ball and enter narrow spaces. To enter this form, crouch and press ZL or down on the left stick. In this form, you can press B to jump. You can run towards a slightly elevated tunnel and press B to turn a ball and enter the gap. You can also do this while holding onto a ledge beneath a narrow tunnel.

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