You’ll want to collect as much as you can in WWE 2K22. The most popular collectibles will, of course, be the actual wrestlers in the game—but acquiring them isn’t always as simple as being handed characters after completing matches. Here is how to unlock more wrestlers in WWE 2K22.

Wrestlers are unlocked by spending Virtual Currency (VC). As a player, you start off with 4,000 VC, and wrestlers on the roster cost around 1,000 VC each, meaning you can get four to start off with.

After that, you must earn more VC by competing in various game modes. It is just like making money in any other game that you can think of. If you are not into grinding your way through the game to get all of the wrestlers, you can also buy Virtual Currency to unlock them more quickly.

Virtual Currency is available from your console’s respective store, and needs to be purchased with real-world currency.

We always recommend playing the game to save up your VC rather than heading to the store, as it is meant to be a full experience where you improve and level up. However, if you are a bit short on time, then you can use the store as a shortcut to be able to play as your favorite wrestler.

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