In ToT, players are able to unlock cellphone Messages, secret Private Messages and even receive Video Calls from the protagonist of their Otome dreams, but only if they keep those Vision Cards in order!

Players must upgrade SR Vision Cards and read all of the Vision Card’s character stories, to receive message notifications from the Tears of Themis protagonist, they fancy the most.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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Players will obtain two Messages, per SR Card, from the Vision Card’s character. One Message will be obtained after upgrading the SR Card to Level 40 and another after upgrading the SR Vision Card to Level 70. The same applies for Private Messages; players will receive two Private Messages, per SR Card and must upgrade the card to Level 40 to unlock the first Private Message and Level 70 to unlock the second.

Be sure to check those in-game cellphones as frequent as possible! It’s filled with a ton of vital information (as most cellular devices usually are) on just about every aspect of the excessively vast content, that essentially completes our favorite Otome, Tears of Themis.

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