When it comes to unlocking all of the extensively limitless content in miHoYo’s Otome, Tears of Themis, players will have to remember to thoroughly surf through their ToT profiles, frequently. It may come as a surprise for some players to find some new and unseen artwork, archived away in their collection.

While reading through the Main and Personal Character Stories, as well as the stories in their Vision Card, players will unlock special images in the form of Illustrations. Unlocking an Illustration in Tears of Themis can easily go unnoticed, especially when they’re unlocked while players are absorbed in the game’s engaging stories.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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Playing through the very enduring ToT Episodes, keeping things in order at NXX Headquarters and participating the game’s gratifying Special Events, while maintaining all the game’s rewarding pleasures, can be a consuming job!

Once these Illustrations have been unlocked, players can view their ToT captures, in the archived collections, located in their profiles. Open the archives and click the Illustrations tab, to take a peek at the collected Illustrations. Next to the Illustrations tab, players can find and open the Cards tab, where they’ll find their collection of character Vision Cards.

Be sure to participate in ToT’s latest Event, Mysteries of the Lost Gold, for a chance to hunt an entire island for rewards! Follow the link for more details: Tears of Themis Launches Limited-Time Series of Events.

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