In Vampire Survivors, there’s a hidden difficulty for players who have mastered the basics of the game. This is called Hyper mode and is only available after you’ve fulfilled certain milestones. But how exactly do you unlock Hyper mode?

To unlock Hyper mode for the Mad Forest, Inlaid Library, and Green Acres levels, you need to survive for at least 30 minutes in the Mad Forest or Inlaid Library. This unlocks the Green Acres level, and Hyper Mode for both Mad Forest and Inlaid Library.

You can do this with any character or weapon combination. At the 30 minute mark, Death will spawn and dash towards the player killing you almost instantly. The death screen will say Stage Completed and you’ll have unlocked Hyper mode.

Unlocking Hyper mode for the Dairy Plant uses a similar method. To unlock the Dairy Plant Hyper mode, you must survive for 30 minutes on only the Dairy Plant level.

In Hyper mode for each level, there’s new background music and changes to make the stages much more difficult, including increased enemy speed. Completing Hyper mode runs yields more gold, making it great for farming those last couple of Power Ups.

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