Metroid Dread is the latest entry in Samus’ epic tale. This Metroidvania is full of collectibles, secrets, and deadly enemies. If you found yourself thinking that it isn’t as challenging as it could be, or you are simply breezing through it, not to worry. There is a hard mode.

To unlock hard mode in Metroid Dread, you must complete the game on normal difficulty. As Metroid Dread takes about 10 hours to complete, you shouldn’t have too long to wait until you can unlock hard mode. Just be warned that hard mode will ramp things up for newcomers to the Metroid series.

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Before diving into hard mode, you should make sure you are ready. This mode will increase enemy health and damage. Take your time in normal mode to learn the best routes to collect upgrades and familiarize boss movements. After completing normal mode, the game will show you your stats and completion time.

Veterans will likely be looking forward to the extra challenge of hard mode. Their knowledge and skill from previous Metroid games should serve them well in Metroid Dread. While they can’t jump right into hard mode at the beginning, they likely won’t have to wait long to unlock this mode.

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