After completing Ritou Escape Plan, Travelers can begin the Gourmet Supremos Genshin Impact quest series by speaking with Xudong. Xudong and his two companions are located at the spot marked below, between Ritou and Narukami Island.

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The self-titled Gourmet Supremos are in search of a Special Sakura Bloom, which can only be obtained by summoning an Electrogram from a Thunder Sakura Bough and passing through the thunder barrier to retrieve the Sakura Bloom.

Unless this is your first Inazuman world quest, you will likely already have the Special Sakura Bloom in your inventory, automatically completing the quest’s objective.

Handing over the Special Sakura Bloom to Xudong completes Gourmet Supremos, Assemble! and rewards Travelers with the following:

  • Adventure EXP (150)
  • Mora (25,000)
  • Primogems (20)
  • Sakura Tempura dish recipe
  • Delicious Sakura Tempura (3)

To continue this questline with the next installment, The Gourmet Supremos: Of Shrines and Sakura, join up with the group at the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Complete the Genshin Impact Sakura Aborism quest by finding all of the Sakura trees, or read about the next upcoming Wish banner.

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