Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous allows you to play as a mighty and majestic dragon. You must unlock the Gold Dragon Mythic Path to do this. You can learn how to unlock this Mythic Path below.

Unlocking this path is a multi-step process and it is possible to miss it at several steps. Make the following choices and you will unlock this Mythic Path.

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The first step comes early on in the underground caves of Kenebras after the ground collapses beneath you. You must pick up Terendelev’s Scale which is lying on the ground. You find two of these scales but you only need one. Later in the cave of Leper’s Smile, you will find Terendelev’s Claw on a broken wagon. Pick that up as well.

You will meet an NPC named Storyteller and you must give him both one of Teredelev’s Scales and Terendelev’s Claw. Storyteller is part of the main plot so you cannot miss him and you will have to give him both items separately. Afterward, you will be able to travel to Terendelev’s Lair. Go there and you will meet a gold dragon named Hal. Do as Hal says and spare the cultists. Doing otherwise or attacking Hal will lock you out of the Gold Dragon Mythic Path.

You will meet Hal later and you will be given the option to kill him. Do not choose this option. Instead, be kind to the gold dragon and you will unlock the Gold Dragon Mythic Path.

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