Fractured mode is a new addition to the Demon’s Souls remake that players can activate to give themselves a more challenging experience. When Fractured mode is activated, it will completely flip/mirror Demon’s Souls world horizontally, offering a confusing but challenging new experience for veterans and new players alike. That said, In this guide, we are going to explain how to unlock fractured mode In Demon’s Souls.

 Demon’s Souls How To Unlock Fractured Mode

In short, to unlock the Fractured mode in Demon’s Souls, you need to go back to the nexus and find the Archstone where you spawn after fighting Vanguard. Then at the statue, you will need to give it 25k souls to unlock the mode. After you pay 25k souls, it will unlock Fractured mode, and you will now be able to toggle it on and off freely.

Once toggled, it will flip/mirror everything from enemy placements to world locations and the player camera around completely. Along with a completely changed world, an item exclusive to the mode called ceramic coins will start to spawn as loot. 

The player can either use these coins to recover a small amount of hp or trade them to Sparkly the Crow in the Shrine of Storms for a rusty key. We recommend trading these ceramic coins for the rusty key as it will open a door in Boletaria’s Tower Knight Archstone Inner Ward, which will lead you to an excellent suit of armor called the Penetrator set. With that said, you will need a total of 26 coins to buy the key, so you better get exploring and looting now.


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