Greak: Memories of Azur is a Metroidvania-esque adventure, which means you’ll unlock different abilities that allow you to access new areas of the world as you progress through the game. Yet, due to this, you’ll have to go back and forth between areas to get to new places.

The fast travel system is already unlocked from the get-go in Greak. All you need to do is find a fast travel stones, that resembles a triangular stone pillar with a circle cut out near the top. Interact with the stone by pressing B on controller or E on keyboard. But it will cost you 10 Cribes—the currency of the title—to fast travel.

This will upon up the map of Azur, but you can only travel to locations that you have found a fast travel point. On the map, when you’ve been to an area, an outline symbol appears to tell you that you’ve been to that area, but you have not found a fast travel stone. In some areas, there isn’t a fast travel stone.

Upon finding a fast travel stone, a stone icon will appear in the center of this outline to inform you that a fast travel stone has been found, and you can now travel to that location via teleportation. Look at the image below for more detail.

The square is a fast travel location not found, and the circle is one that has been found.

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