In Final Fantasy XIV, the Expert Roulette is one of the Daily Roulettes that appear on the Duty Finder. However, you might find that this highly lucrative duty roulette is locked away behind a padlock, or not visible at all.

To unlock expert roulette, you first need to complete the Main Story Quest (MSQ) of Endwalker. Next you need to unlock the two additional, non-story level 90 dungeons, Smileton and The Stigma Dreamscape.

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Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’ll be able to unlock the Expert Roulette. To enter the Expert Roulette, you’ll need to be Level 90 on your currently equipped class. You’ll also need an average item level of 540. In Endwalker currently, this means at least equipping the level 89 free gear you receive during the MSQ.

As more patches and dungeons are released in Endwalker, the Expert Roulette may become unselectable again. This is because you’ll always need to have completed all of the latest dungeons at least once to queue into Expert Roulette. The required item level will also increase in line with thresholds for new dungeons.

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Completing the Expert Roulette yields 80 of the most recent Tomestones (currently Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism), and 7200 gold as a base reward. Completing it for the first time in a day will yield a significant bonus to this. You may also receive additional Tomestones as a reward for the duty.

Expert Roulette typically only includes the three highest-level, most recently released dungeons as possible duties. As more dungeons are released, an additional duty roulette, entitled Level 90 Dungeons, will be released.

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