The most fun and exciting aspect of Teardown is playing the Sandbox mode, as you can spawn and do everything you can wish. The only problem is that the game does not allow you to play with most items inside the Sandbox mode until you get it unlocked through the campaign mode. In such a scenario, you can open and use every object in Teardown by pasting a completed game file in your game save file directory. It makes your system believe that you have finished the campaign mode, unlocking every object for a Sandbox mode.

Unlock Map/Objects for Sandbox in Teardown

As mentioned above, you will need to paste a completed save file into your file directory. You can obtain a copy of the completed save file from the given URL. 

After downloading the file, visit the game save file directory. By default, it is present at C:Users%username%AppDataLocalTeardown. 

Search for a file name savegame.xml and replace it with the downloaded file. Launch the game and every item in the game will be available for use in the Sandbox mode.

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