Life is good. You’re logged into Final Fantasy XIV, you’re playing a Summoner, and Carbuncle is helping you every step of the way. However, upon reaching a certain point, Carbuncle is getting benched and Egi summons come into play. Surely there has to be a way to get the best boy back into the game! Thankfully, Egi Glamours are here to save the day.

How to Unlock Carbuncle’s Egi Glamours

There are a few steps necessary to unlock Carbuncle’s Egi Glamours:

  • Have a Summoner at level 50
  • Complete Primal Burdens by Y’mhitra in Old Gridania (X: 10.9, Y: 6.3)
  • Complete An Egi by Any Other Name by Thubyrgeim in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 4.7, Y: 11.4)

Egi Glamour Commands

Turning your new summons into their Carbuncle equivalent is anything but straightforward. There are three commands for each of the three new summons that will bring forth a differently colored friend. Players simply type out the command, and the next time the Egi is summoned, it will take on the desired appearance. Alternatively, one can simply copy and paste the commands from here.

Garuda Egi

  • Emerald: /egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle”
  • Ruby: /egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Ruby Carbuncle”
  • Topaz: /egiglamour “Garuda-Egi” “Topaz Carbuncle”

Ifrit Egi

  • Emerald: /egiglamour “Ifrit-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle”
  • Ruby: /egiglamour “Ifrit-Egi” “Ruby Carbuncle”
  • Topaz: /egiglamour “Ifrit-Egi” “Topaz Carbuncle”

Titan Egi

  • Emerald: /egiglamour “Titan-Egi” “Emerald Carbuncle”
  • Ruby: /egiglamour “Titan-Egi” “Ruby Carbuncle”
  • Topaz: /egiglamour “Titan-Egi” “Topaz Carbuncle”

How to Remove an Egi Glamour

To remove an Egi Glamour, type one of the following (dependent on Egi):

  • /egiglamour “Garuda-Egi”
  • /egiglamour “Ifrit-Egi”
  • /egiglamour “Titan-Egi”

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