In order to unlock the Echo of Starvation Void Fragment, all you need to do is head over to the Tower and purchase it from Ikora Rey. This fragment was initially locked until the Vow of The Disciple Raid was complete. And now that Clan Elysium has finally claimed the World’s First Raid Belt, this fragment has been unlocked for every Guardian in Destiny 2.

That said, once you equip this fragment, you will lose 10 points on Recovery. However, you will activate the “Devour” buff every time you pick up an orb of power. With this buff active, you will restore health every time you land a final blow on an enemy.

In order to purchase this fragment from Ikora Rey, you will have to have around 25000 Glimmer in your account. If you don’t have that much Glimmer, start completing bounties from different vendors in and around the Tower. Most of these bounties that you collect offer Glimmer and XP as rewards.

Alternatively, you could also loot chests around the system if you’re running low on Glimmer. Completing playlist activities also offers Glimmer as rewards. In short, almost every activity present in Destiny 2 right now will have Glimmer as a reward. So, you will never really run short of this in-game currency.

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