In Vampire Survivors, Ebony Wings is one of the hidden unlockable weapons. A bird-based weapon that circles around you and attacks enemies in a pattern, Ebony Wings is a great secondary weapon. But how do you unlock Ebony Wings in Vampire Survivors.

To unlock Ebony Wings, you’ll first need to unlock the other bird weapon, Peachone. Peachone is unlocked by surviving for 10 minutes as any character on any stage.

Next, to unlock Ebony Wings, you need to level up Peachone to level seven on a single run with any character. Once you’ve done this, after dying or finishing the stage, Ebony Wings will unlock as a weapon that can spawn during your level up.

Ebony Wings is also the starting weapon of the secret character Exdash. However, using Exdash to use Ebony Wings will not unlock the bird, unless you also level Peachone to level seven using the character.

Ebony Wings circles counter-clockwise.Once you get both birds to level eight, you can unionize them, which combines them into a single weapon, called Vandalier. This also frees a weapon slot so that you can pick up another weapon, making Vandalier a great weapon to aim for in your runs.

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