With any MMO, dungeons, raids, and the like are essential events and quests. They allow players to group with their friends and take on challenging missions. In New World, dungeons are called Expeditions and are not immediately available. They will first need to be unlocked.

To unlock dungeons in New World, players must progress through the story until they have access to the Destiny Unearthed quest. This quest will unlock dungeons and let players participate in the first dungeon, Amrine Excavation.

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Simply unlocking dungeons is not the only thing you need to do if you want to have any chance of survival. There are recommended levels to consider, along with the requirement of a Tuning Orb. Taking on dungeons is also much more manageable when done with a group than completing them solo.

Until you reach the Destiny Unearthed quest, you will not be able to play dungeons in New World. However, reaching this point in the story and the required level shouldn’t take players too long and should serve as preparation for taking on the first dungeon.

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