In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Chapter 8, you can find this outfit immediately after finishing the big that has the guardians going from platform to platform. After the landing area, it’s near the back.

When you survive the fight from platform to platform, it is important to follow these directions immediately. Don’t go for the door; if anyone tries to open it, the guardians will fight.

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The player should stay as close to the railing as possible. After that, they must walk around the landing zone until they reach the point opposite the door.

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Drax’s Cage Match outfit will be waiting in a purple container. Dave Bautista was both a wrestler and the actor who played Drax The Destroyer in the MCU adaptation.

When the player goes for the door, the checkpoint will have to be reloaded since the door will close once they get inside. Even worse, the fight inside forces the player to go deeper.

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