To unlock the Double Jump ability in F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch, you must first progress through the game until you meet Master Wu and acquired the Power Punch technique. With this new move, you can open the Yellow Fist Doors and continue on to Secure the Data Disk.

You’ll have to battle through many rooms when traveling downwards to get your quest location. You’ll also notice the number of places you cannot access yet, due to not being able to jump high enough, so the next ability you get is being hinted at massively.

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When you have reached the lower levels, you’ll enter what seems to be a boss room, but alas, nothing happens. Carry on into the next room to find an Iron Legion Terminal, and by interacting with it, Rayton will acquire the Double Jump ability. This allows you to jump twice, allowing you to access new heights than ever before, especially when combined with Wall Jump.

Now explore the room you are in. Get acquainted with how double jump works, then enter the room on the left to start your first boss fight of the game, Feral.

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