Crypto is the latest Legend to join the roster in Apex Legends Mobile, and the surveillance expert brings an array of exciting abilities to the game. Classified as a Recon Legend, Crypto can scan an area with his Drone before pushing in with teammates. In Apex Legends Mobile, Crypto’s Drone has an autopilot mode which allows players to survey the nearby area constantly. Mastering this Legend can be tricky, which is why you need to understand Crypto’s abilities and Perks. Here are all of Crypto’s Perks in Apex Legends Mobile. 

All Crypto Perks in Apex Legends Mobile

Like all the other Legends, Crypto has nine Perks in Apex Legends Mobile. His abilities include Neurolink (passive), Surveillance Drone (tactical), and Drone EMP (ultimate). Unlocking Crypto’s Perks will affect all the abilities, allowing players to customize their loadout. Loadout slots have Perks, Finishers, and Ability. You can unlock all of Crypto’s Perks with Crypto Tokens


  • Self Destruct: Drones that get restored explode after three seconds, damaging and slowing enemies in the blast radius
  • Hidden User: While controlling Drones, Crypto becomes semi-transparent 
  • System Scan: After three seconds of scanning, the Drone reveals the opponent’s HP and armor


  • Battle Adaptation: Using a Finisher adds 100 points to Evo Shields 
  • Restart: Using a Finisher repairs your Drone and reduces Crypto’s ultimate ability cooldown by 30%
  • Interrogator: Using a Finisher reveals the location of your opponent’s squad on the mini-map


  • Shut Down: Crypto’s EMP deals health damage besides shield damage, but it doesn’t kill the enemy
  • Salvage Operation: The drone can retrieve items
  • Lag Bomb: Crypto’s Drone launches an EMP bomb that slows and damages enemies

Crypto’s abilities are designed differently from the PC/console version to make it much more suitable for Apex Legends Mobile. Once you unlock Crypto, keep playing more games with this character. We recommend playing at least 10 to 20 battle royale games to gain Legend Mastery and unlock Crypto’s Perks quickly.

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