Darkest Dungeons 2 features a roster of nine characters, each with their motivations and playstyles. The player can choose four of these characters to build their team and embark into the world and face the evils that inhabit it. Each character has its playstyle and characteristics.

At the start of the game, the player only has four options available to them. These are the Man-At-Arms, Highwayman, Graverobber, and Plague Doctor. The player must unlock the remaining characters. To unlock them, players will need to play the game and earn Hope which is determined by how they do on a run. You can see the remaining characters and what level they are unlocked at below.

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CharacterUnlock Level

The unlock level is the player’s Profile Level. Earning Hope is done by performing well on a run, and several factors increase it. In addition to unlocking characters, the player can receive other rewards that they can find on future runs. Unlocking more characters not only provides more options but upon losing a character, the player can replace them at the next inn as long as they haven’t had that character in their party before.

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