Back 4 Blood, like many other multiplayer shooters, offers a host of customization options for its players to enjoy. Gun skins, Deckbuilding, and character skins are all available for those diligent enough to finish the requirements for each item.

Players can acquire most of the game’s character skins by completing Back 4 Blood’s Supply Lines and Accomplishments. Head to the Game Menu to check the status of Supply Lines and Accomplishments.

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Supply Lines have a dedicated tab in the game menu. Here, players can use the Supply Points they earn from playing the game to unlock cards, sprays, and skins. Up to three separate supply lines can be open at a time, so make sure to check the contents of each one to see if any of them contain cosmetics. Supply Lines must be completed in order of appearance, meaning that if a cosmetic appears at the end of a Supply Line, Players must unlock all other rewards before players can purchase it.

Players can find accomplishments in the game’s Profile section under the Accomplishments segment. There are a total of 144 Accomplishments in Back 4 Blood, each with its reward. While not every Accomplishment grants players skins, some offer some coveted cosmetics. Scroll through Accomplishments to see the rewards. Look on the right side of each Accomplishment Card to find out the boon for its completion.

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