On Feb. 19, 2022, Vampire Survivors released a surprise patch that added two new characters, a new passive item, and a few minor changes. The most sought-after new character is Yatta Cavallo, a bear with an exploding cookie for a weapon.

To unlock this new character for Vampire Survivors, all you have to do is kill 3000 Lion Heads in a single run. They’re the weird, gray faces with spinning arms. 

The best way to achieve this is on a run on the Inlaid Library. Lion Heads are a more common wave type on this map, so killing 3000 shouldn’t be too difficult.

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If you’ve already killed 3000 Lion Heads on a previous run, then completing any run with any survivor should unlock Cavallo.

Cavallo is a very unusual character in that he doesn’t gain a passive ability until level 20. After this he gains +1 Amount every 20 levels up to 60. This translates to an extra projectile for all weapons every 20 levels. 

What this means is that Cavallo is incredibly weak compared to other characters for around 40 levels. For example, Gennaro has +1 Amount at level one. Cavallo becomes the same as Gennaro at level 20, and is worse than him until that. But after the slow start, Cavallo scales up to be very powerful in the later game.

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