Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where plays must work together or alone to conquer the harsh planet of Icarus. At first, they will no tools and no way to advance. But over time, players will unlock blueprints that let them craft tools, shelter, and machinery. Players may be wondering how to unlock blueprints.

To unlock blueprints in Icarus, players will need to level up. Each time they level up, they will receive three points they can spend in the tech tree to unlock blueprints. Each blueprint will cost one point. Some are gated behind other blueprints which must be unlocked first and others behind level requirements.

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A player can experience in a variety of ways and nearly everything they do contributes to leveling up. Players can track their level and experience in the top-left corner of the screen. While there are 99 levels in Icarus, currently only the first forty levels will actually grant tech tree points. This should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Selecting which blueprints to unlock is how you will shape your character and what options are available to you. Don’t just make selections willy nilly as each choice is permanent.

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