Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous allows you to become an ultimate force for good. You must unlock the Azata Mythic Path to do this. You can learn how to unlock this Mythic Path below.

The chance to unlock this Mythic Path comes early on and thus is easy to miss. It has several steps that must all be completed to unlock it. There are different ways to complete these steps as well.

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There are two quests related to this Mythic Path and they are Starward Gaze and Feud of the Faithful. Stargazer is the primary quest you need to complete but the two quests are more or less intertwined.

You will need to speak to Ramien and Hulrun in the market square. There are several enemies that you will have to fight off. Speak with Ramien first and after your conversation, he will relocate to the Temple of Dresna. This starts the Starward Gaze quests where you must track down Ramien’s group.

Go to the Arendae Party House and you will find Aranka. Speak with her and she will give you an item. Return to the market square and speak to the disguised member who appears as a Kenebras Crusader. He is found near the entrance of the market square. This is Thall, another of Ramien’s group. You will have to make a decision and while it isn’t 100 percent important which you choose, select the good options.

Return to the Temple of Dresna where you will have the option to sing with Aranka. Do so and you will unlock the Azata Mythic Path. At some point, Ramien may disappear. If he does, you will need to pass a perception check or cast See Invisibility to find him.

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