Awakening Skills are powerful passive or combat skills that can be acquired by every player after reaching Level 50. It is important to note that each character has two slots for Awakening Skills but only one can be used at a time.

But how exactly do you unlock these skills, anyway?

Not only do you need to be at Level 50, but you also need to complete the main storyline. You will eventually come across a Roster quest titled (Awakening) Hope Inherited that asks you to speak with Beatrice in Trixion.

At the end of this questline, you will be granted two skill books that give you the final skills available for your class as well as your first Awakening Skill.

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The second Awakening Skill requires a little bit more work but essentially asks you to follow the same route of completing quests within the Awakening questline. You will need to travel to Rohendel with an Item Score of at least 460. Being able to even get to Rohendel requires you to upgrade your boat but this will be asked of you during the Rohendel questline.

By the end of the questline, which is more of a long journey rather than a difficult one, you will have access to your second Awakening Skill via your in-game mailbox. You can access these skills by going into your Combat Skills and scrolling all the way to the bottom.

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