Some of the most important buildings you need a lot of are Cookie Houses, as they’re hubs that produce EXP Star Jellies to level up your Cookies. While the base design may be cute, you might want to spice things up by applying even cuter skins that fit your Kingdom’s theme.

Here’s everything you need to know about Cookie House skins in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

How to Unlock Cookie House and Mansion Skins

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As soon as you build your first Cookie House during the tutorial, you can purchase any skin from the Change Design menu, which you can access by clicking any Cookie House. It will open a selection of skins that cost either 120,000 Coins or 1,000 Crystals. Meanwhile, Cookie Mansion skins cost either 300,000 Coins or 2,000 Crystals.

Purchasing a design allows you to use it on any new or existing Cookie Houses, but not on Cookie Mansions. Likewise, Cookie Mansion skins don’t work on Cookie Houses.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way for all Cookie House and Mansions to have the exact same design, though the Matcha, Vanilla, and Holiday-themed skins look pretty similar between the two.

If you want all your structures to look the same, you can either merge two Cookie Houses into a Cookie Mansion or unmerge a Cookie Mansion into two Cookie Houses. You can do so by hold-clicking on a building (level five and up) and selecting the merge or unmerge button.

How to Equip Cookie House and Mansion Skins

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Click on a Cookie House or Mansion and select Change Design. You’ll find a list of all the available skins, including those you don’t own. Choose a skin you already own and click Select to apply it to one House or Mansion. The change will apply instantly—you don’t need to put the Sugar Gnomes to work!

All Cookie House Skins in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Choco Checkers House120,000 Coins
Berry Jam House120,000 Coins
Matcha Cake House120,000 Coins
Apple Jello House120,000 Coins
Bear Jelly House1,000 Crystals
Vanilla House1,000 Crystals
Cozy Holiday House1,000 Crystals

All Cookie Mansion Skins in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Matcha Latte Mansion300,000 Coins
Bear Jelly Jello Mansion300,000 Coins
Vanilla Creme Mansion2,000 Crystals
Jolly Holiday Mansion2,000 Crystals

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