Recurring World Quests are quests that can be repeated multiple times. They’re not like Daily Quests, which you can easily trigger every day under specific conditions. Instead, recurring World Quests may or may not appear in your quest menu upon meeting their unlock requirements.

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One such World Quest is Answer Me This, Outlander, which involves a quick Q&A session with an elderly named Miyajima, who aims to promote Inazuman culture.

How to Unlock

You can unlock Answer Me This, Outlander by chance while running around Inazuma City, Konda Village, or the Kujou Encampment. There’s no exact formula as to when this World Quest will pop up, and there’s a possibility for you to run around these areas for hours without unlocking it. So it’s best to wait for the quest to naturally pop up as you explore these places.

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How to Answer Miyajima’s Questions

Once you do get this World Quest, speak to Miyajima, who will ask you three questions. There are three sets of questions in total, which you’ll receive at random. See below for the answers to all the possible question sets.

  • Question Set One:
    • First Answer: Law and order-related affairs.
    • Second Answer: Work related to cultural affairs and the shrines.
    • Third Answer: Financial affairs and trade.
  • Question Set Two:
    • First Answer: The Outlander Affairs Agency.
    • Second Answer: Lycoris.
    • Third Answer: A type of invertebrate and its secretion.
  • Question Set Three:
    • First Answer: Yae Publishing House.
    • Second Answer: Tatarasuna.
    • Third Answer: High-efficiency blast furnaces.

You’ll be rewarded regardless of whether or not you get all the answers correctly. Completing this World Quest will grant you 15 Companionship EXP, Mora, and Fine Enhancement Ore.

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