The Quarry is throwing the horror back to the ’80s, where you can outfit all your characters in clothing that was once top of the range. But how do you unlock these outfits, and how do you change into them in The Quarry?

How to get outfits in The Quarry

To unlock the outfits in The Quarry, you must have purchased The Quarry Deluxe edition, as there is no alternative way to get these 80s throwback costumes. They are only available for those who got the Deluxe version. But even for those who have this version of The Quarry, you still cannot acquire them. They have delayed these outfits until July 8 to coincide with the online multiplayer release.

List of all outfits in The Quarry

  • Abigail (’80s Throwback)
  • Dylan (’80s Throwback)
  • Emma (’80s Throwback)
  • Jacob (’80s Throwback)
  • Kaitlyn (’80s Throwback)
  • Laura (’80s Throwback)
  • Max (’80s Throwback)
  • Nick (’80s Throwback)
  • Ryan (’80s Throwback)

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How to change outfits in The Quarry?

You cannot change into any outfits at the moment, as they have not been released yet. But once they have done, we suspect you can change them all from the settings menu.

Will more outfits be released for The Quarry?

Nothing has been released to mention more outfits coming, but we think it’s likely that new outfits will be released in time. The biggest reason we believe this is because outfits already exist in the game but are limited to those who have purchased the Deluxe version. It seems odd to have outfits but not do anything else with them. Due to the horror theme, they can implement various DLC outfits fans will eat up.

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