Garena Free Fire is a free mobile game that has increased in popularity past few years—ultimately leading to the game In 2019 receiving the best popular vote game award by the Google Play Store. That said, since it’s a royal battle game, it has all matter of emotes, and in this guide, we will teach you how to unlock them all.

How to unlock all emotes in Garena Free Fire

To unlock emotes Garena Free Fire, you will need to get the game’s in-game currency called diamonds. To gain diamonds, you will either need to play in-game matches or purchase them from the game’s store. Follow the steps below to buy diamonds from the Garena Free Fire In-game store.

How To Buy Diamonds In Garena Free Fire

  • Step 1 – Log in to your account and wait for it to bring you to the main menu.
  • Step 2 – Once at the main menu, navigate to the top right of your screen and click the store icon.
  • Step 3 – Click the collection page and browse all of the emotes on offer for the ones you want to buy.
  • Step 4- When you find an emote you want to buy, click buy and use real-world money.

If you do not wish to spend hard cash on emotes, your best bet is probably waiting for free codes to drop on the game’s official Twitter. Along with that, merely winning matches would be the best free route.

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