With his various buffs, Agent Coulson is a sought-after unit for any S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Occasionally, an event will make farming for him easy, but there are two methods players can use to get Agent Coulson without one. Both involve playing the Blitz mode, where players can unlock Agent Coulson in Marvel Strike Force.

Using Blitz Rewards

After fighting in the Blitz, players will receive Blitz Credits that they can use to get certain supplies in the shop. These supplies are random, but the characters are not. These will then reset over a period of time and can be refreshed using Power Cores.

Agent Coulson will appear here. Players will be able to purchase five Shards of his unit at a time. These Blitz Credits can be earned by participating and winning in Blitz Mode fights against various teams.

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Blitz Milestones and Rankings will unlock Blitz Orb Fragments that players can then use in the Blitz Shop. Every 2,000 Blitz Orb Fragments allow players to try to unlock a random set of five Shards of a Common character. Each character has a four-percent chance of appearing this way, but at least one of the characters in the large pool is guarenteed to drop.

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