Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous allows you to play as an all-powerful watcher of time. You must unlock the Aeon Mythic Path to do this. You can learn how to unlock this Mythic Path below.

The Aeon Mythic Path can be unlocked fairly early by returning to the Market Square you started the game in. There, you must return to where Terendelev, the silver dragon, was killed.

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Observe where she died. You will see a glowing purple object. Interact with this object to start a cutscene. Continue through the dialogue options until you see the option to retain the Aeon’s power. Select this option otherwise, you will be locked out of the Aeon Mythic Path. At the end of Act 1, you must click on the Wardstone. Continue through any dialogue and select the option to look on the angels with the Aeon’s eyes.

This will unlock the Aeon Mythic Path but you do not necessarily have to choose it. If you fail to select the Aeon option for any reason at these two points then you will not be able to unlock this Mythic Path. Aeon is a powerful Mythic Class that allows you to alter time and possibly redeem characters such as Staunton Vhane or Xanthir Vhang.

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