To unlock additional equipment slots in Loop Hero, players will need to unlock the Arsenal by building the Intel Center and the smithy. That said, you will need the following resources to build the smithy in Loop Hero:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 4 Preserved Rock
  • 7 Stable Rock
  • 2 Food Supply

Along with the resources above, you will need to build a campfire, which costs one Stable Wood and Preserved Rock. But to build the Intel Center, you will need to build the Supply Depot with the resources listed below:

  • 9 Stable wood
  • 17 Stable Metal
  • 9 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis

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The Supply Depot will also require the Gymnasium built with the following resources:

  • 5 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 6 Stable Metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis 

Once the Supply Depot has been built, you can then build the Intel center you need with the following resources.

  • 12 Stable Wood
  • 15 Stable Metal
  • 17 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis 

After you build all of the requirements, you will unlock the Arsenal, which will give you additional equipment slots. This equipment slot will also vary between classes.

  • Warrior: Helmet Slot
  • Rouge: Amulet Slot
  • Necromancer Shield Slot

Getting the Arsenal will also negatively affect dropping the quality of all dropped items by 15 percent. Luckily this only affects dropped items, and the items you have equipped are not affected. 

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