Emotes are unlocked after hitting a set amount of Sub Points. Each Prime and Tier 1 Subscriber will count toward a single Sub Point. Tier 2 subs give the channel two points and Tier 3 subs give the channel six points. But how many Sub Points are needed for a new emote slot?

Affiliate Emote Slots

Channels get five Tier 1 emote slots, one Tier 2 and one Tier 3 emote slot, and one animated emote automatically when the channel becomes affiliated. Affiliates then get an additional emote slot and an animated emote slot at 15, 25, 35, and 50 Sub Points for nine emotes total and five animated emote slots total.

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Partner Emote Slots

Channels get an additional five Tier 1 emote slots, five Tier 2 and five Tier 3 emote slots, and five animated emote slots when accepted into the Partner Program. More emote slots can then be unlocked when reaching a set amount of Sub Points.

  • Emotes 11-13 – Unlocked at 65, 80, and 100 Sub Points
  • Emotes 14-19 – Unlocked every 25 Sub Points above 100
  • Emotes 20-24 – Unlocked every 50 Sub Points above 250
  • Emotes 25-29 – Unlocked every 100 Sub Points above 500
  • Emotes 30-49 – Unlocked every 200 Sub Points above 1000
  • Emotes 50-54 – Unlocked every 400 Sub Points above 5000

Any emote slots after 60 will require over 10,000 Sub Points.

Bit Reward Cheermotes

Bit rewards will unlock special cheermotes for those who give bits on a channel. The first three cheermote slots are unlocked automatically and can be given to cheerers at 1k, 5k, and 10k bits. Further slots are unlocked whenever the last rewarded tier is met. This means that a new slot will open up once 10k bits have been cheered by a single person, and another slot will be unlocked when they reach the next cheermote’s criteria.

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