A huge part of the Voice of Cards experience is listening to the game master’s narration, and The Forsaken Maiden is no different. However, you may find yourself starting the game without it. Is it a glitch?

Fortunately, it’s no glitch. You may just need to update your copy of Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden to Ver 1.0.1. This should fix minor bugs, which might include your audio issues. Then, boot your game.

If you still can’t hear the game master’s voice, go to Options on the title screen and select the Sound tab. Go down to Voices and choose Loudest. Once you hear the “Allow me to welcome you to the Voice of Cards,” it’s a sign that it’s fixed.

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The game master should still be hearable even if your Game Speed setting is set to High. He shouldn’t talk fast, either. The only times the game master won’t read the text on screen is when you’ve already read it once. Otherwise, there should be a voice over.

If the above solution still doesn’t work, restart your Nintendo Switch.

For more help with Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden, Pro Game Guides has you covered.

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