Fortnite players have preferences about how they like to play. Playing with Visual Sound Effects allows you to interpret every sound correctly. In addition, this offers an advantage to players without high-quality headphones since it’s hard to tell where a sound comes from if you play on a screen.

To turn on Visualize Sound Effects, you need to go to your Menu and navigate Settings. Select the Audio tab and scroll down to Sound. In Sound, there is an option called Visualize Sound Effects. Turn Visualize Sound Effects on.

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This option will tell you exactly where footsteps, gunshots, vehicles, and heals are coming from. It even reveals the direction of sounds you might not have heard otherwise. This still will not tell you when an enemy player is crouching and other sound effects that are meant to be silent.

Unfortunately, this setting will nullify the effects of the 3D Audio settings. This won’t affect you if you’re not playing with headphones, but if you are, you’d need to choose between the two. Having both of these options would make the game much easier.

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