Break In Story is one of the most popular games on Roblox, and players need to stick it out together in order to complete it. In this narrative driven mode, players play as an ordinary citizen who find themselves caught amidst an event dubbed as The Purge. The task is simple—take shelter inside a house, search for food and weapons, and survive attacks from NPC enemies.

There are multiple endings that can take place, depending on the actions taken by players in the game. Alongside that, there are a plethora of Badges that you can earn while completing specific challenges. One of the harder challenges involves turning on the basement lights on Day 2, while using the Laptops in the rooms. Completing the task will grant the player the Hacker badge.

How to find the key to the basement in Roblox Break In Story

On Day 1, your first objective is to find the keys to unlock the basement door. While there is no one specific location to find the key, players will be able to find it by shuffling through the drawers in each of the bedrooms. Once you find the key, simply equip it and walk up to the basement door to unlock it. If another player has found the basement key before you did, their name will be displayed when you go up to the basement door.

How to use the Laptop to turn on the basement lights in Roblox Break In Story

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The Laptop is a tool that is stationary in each of the bedrooms in Roblox Break In Story, and can be found on top of the table, with a chair in front of it. Using the Laptop is the only way to start the Lights Challenge, completing which will turn on the lights in the basement.

On Day 2, one of these Laptops will be turned on, with the screen showing Booting Up. Once the Laptop has finished booting up, players can sit on the chair to immediately start the Lights Challenge. The Lights Challenge involves the player needing to find and click on nine light switches in under 20 seconds. We advise turning up the brightness of your screen to find the switches easily in the dark.

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Once you have successfully clicked on all nine switches, the Lights Challenge will be over. Completing it will switch on the lights in the basement and grant the player the Hacker Badge.

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