In Horizon Forbidden West, players will reunite with Aloy on her journey to the Forbidden West. Players can expect a new setting, new enemies, weapons, and combat mechanics. One of these new mechanics is the Gyro motion controls. Players will be able to use motion controls this time around to take down both machine and human enemies.

To activate the motion controls, which will be off by default, players should navigate to the in-game menu and find the Controls section of the settings. Scrolling down, players will find the option for Motion Aiming. This can be turned on or off from here.

This section contains a few different options for the motion controls past toggling them on and off. Players can also change the X and Y-axis’ sensitivity for more precise aiming and movement.

Why should you use motion controls?

Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West’s predecessor, was praised for its combat mechanics and smooth movement in-game. While it was a fantastic base for future Horizon games, features can always be innovated. Motion controls are an example of this.

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While some players may prefer the standard aiming mechanics, motion controls allow players to be much more precise and exact with their shots. Making combat easier is always a nice addition, and whether players prefer motion controls or not, it is a nice addition from the developers.

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