Quick Time Events are so hated that many games have avoided using them. Although Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy included Quick Time Events, they are keen to allow players to turn them off. Players can find the option in the Accessibility menu.

You can also turn off Quick Time Events if you hate them and would rather just watch the cinematic.

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First, go to the Main Menu or the Pause Menu and select Settings. Press the Accessibility option in Settings. There is an option to turn on “Auto-Win Quick Time Events” in accessibility.

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By doing this, all instances of the game asking for inputs in Quick Time Events will be removed.

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The description reads:

“Bypasses Quick Time Events in the game.”

Therefore, we know this is what we need to do to shut it off. Still, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was designed with Quick Time Events in mind by the developer, Eidos Montreal. Keep Quick Time Events enabled for the best experience.

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