With the release of patch 6.2 of Final Fantasy XIV the Island Sanctuary was added. And while most were ecstatic to get gathering, some players found that the gathering and auto camera lock of the gathering nodes was causing motion sickness. This is due to the event camera in the game. So here’s how to turn off the quick camera and prevent motion sickness in the FFXIV Island Sanctuary.

Turning off the quick camera movements in Final Fantasy XIV

The motion sickness some players have experienced is caused by an option called the Event Camera Setting. To turn it off head to Character Configuration, in the Options Menu. Navigate to Control Settings, and then General. And then finally select Event Camera Setting. Toggling this option will remove the snapping and quick moving camera setting, allowing you to gather in peace.

Motion sickness while playing FFXIV

Sadly while being an incredibly good game to look at, sometimes Final Fantasy XIV will just be a bit too overwhelming. In rare cases it can cause headaches and motion sickness. To counter this you should experiment with the visual options in the Character Configuration settings. What’s more if you regularly experience motion sickness or headaches, take more consistent breaks while playing the game. FFXIV is a great game but it’s not worth feeling sick over!

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