Guardians of the Galaxy has a way to turn off the licensed music as promised some time ago. In the audio options, you can find this feature, sometimes called “streamer mode.”

Players can access it through Settings in the main menu or by pressing pause and going to Settings at any time. After that, they need to go to Audio. In Audio, there will be an option called “Licensed Audio.”

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Turn that off.

Image by Pro Game Guides

The description reads:

“This option removes all copyrighted musical contents and replaces it with alternatives. This can be a good option for players that wish to stream their playthrough publicly without having to worry about copyright infringement issues.”

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Streamers no longer have to worry about DMCA takedowns with this option. The game will replace copyrighted music with non-copyrighted music.

Therefore, if you stream, turn this off before you begin, as the main menu also contains licensed music. It’d be a shame to turn off the licensed music only to get taken down because of the main menu.

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