To turn off fire spread in Minecraft, players must first load into their worlds with cheats enabled via the option in the main menu or when they create their worlds. 

After loading in with cheats enabled, players can turn off fire spread by typing or copying and pasting /gamerule doFireTick false into chat and hitting enter.

Doing so will prevent any fires started through natural or unnatural means from spreading to other burnable blocks in the game. However, this method is only for client-side games.

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If you want to use this command for a server, all you need to do is locate your Server console and paste or type the same command in, and it will have the same effect, just like with client-side games.

But, should you want to revert the changes, all you need to do is type the same command or copy it with one slight difference.

Instead of false, you will want to add true to the end. So copy or type  /gamerule doFireTick true into your game chat or server console, and you will turn fire spread back on. 

Overall, this command is handy to those who don’t want fires to spread and ruin the surrounding area, which can be hard to control without the use of commands. It can also be helpful to create some cool base designs with fire that don’t spread to other blocks.

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